The Movie Trailer, By Film And Will Lightly Touch On The Film `` Trailer ``

The Movie Trailer, By Film And Will Lightly Touch On The Film `` Trailer ``

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In this short piece I will be discussing my thoughts and concerns on the new biopic “Stonewall” releasing in theatres this month. The film is set to chronicle the beginning of the gay liberation and civil rights movement of 1969. I will be going over the misrepresentation of the LGBTQ folk in the media focusing on the “Stonewall” film and will lightly touch on the film the “Danish Girl” as well as the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black. Finally I will discuss my thoughts on the issues as well as biases in today’s society concerning gay and trans rights.
In the movie trailer, a white cisgender gay man by the name of Danny moves to New York and is welcomed into the gay community by an unnamed character. The trailer portrays Danny being tormented with offensive words such as “faggot” and being beaten up by police officers using derogatory terms. When welcomed into the “Stonewall” bar, Danny is advised to not use his real name. The trailer then goes on to flash quotes on the screen reading “Inspired by the incredible true story
of the unsung heroes whose courage broke down ...

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