Movie Theaters vsersus Home Theaters Essay

Movie Theaters vsersus Home Theaters Essay

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Theater tickets today can range from anywhere between 5 dollars and 20 dollars, depending on the quality of movie someone wants to see. Kelsi really enjoys going to the theater with her friends, but the money is just adding up to be too much. Along with the outrageous price range of theaters, Kelsi is not comfortable when sitting in the theater seats, and the temperature of the theater rooms can often be unbearable. Why should she go to the theater and pay ridiculous prices for tickets and food and be uncomfortable when she can enjoy the movie from the comfort of her own warm home? Watching the movies at home will have fewer distractions for Kelsi, and she can pick out any movie she wants to watch as well. Although some people would rather go the theater to see a movie, based on price, availability, comfort, distractions, and food, many would say that watching a movie at their own home is better.
One of the main reasons that people do not choose to go to theaters today is because of the prices, and instead they stay home to watch movies. Kelsi’s family includes her parents and her three siblings. When they go to the theater together, it gets expensive. Just for their tickets it costs at least 52 dollars, and that is even before getting concessions. These prices are outrageous! Imagine having an even bigger family than Kelsi’s! Compared to going to the movie theaters, staying home to watch a movie is not nearly as expensive, and this is what Kelsi’s family has decided to do. It will save them money. By staying home to watch movies, they can save over 100 dollars that could be put up to better use. A new popular way to watch movies is by streaming Netflix and watching movies instantly on the TV without having to leave home. Netflix ...

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...ld rather choose to go to the theater, but many people choose to just stay home which is a much more reasonable decision.
Kelsi’s experiences at the movie theater have made her stick to just watching movies at home. Unreasonable prices at the theater, especially for her big family, show that watching movies at home is a much better decision. At home there is a wide variety of movies available to her at home make it even more reasonable for her to stick with movie nights at her home. Her home is more comfortable, the distractions are limited, and the better choice of food at home makes it extremely possible for her to pass up the movie theater. Because it is not nearly expensive, there are more movies to choose from, it is more comfortable, there a fewer distractions, and there is better food, watching movies at home is clearly better than going to the movie theater.

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