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The Movie The Wolf Of Wall Street Essay

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Television is an invention that has revolutionized the way people think, comprehend and receive information. Although television in today’s world is not the leading media source, however it still remains to be a prime example of media influenced outlet of information. Television over the course of the past few decades has intertwined its way into society’s day to day operation and will remain to influence people’s decisions.
The invention of the television has impacted the whole world, with the information from programs that are aired. I personally know firsthand of the influence television has infested upon people, and as a result has impacted life decisions. Television programs are spread throughout a variety of different genres and themes, although I wouldn’t consider television to be my biggest influencer, it did however help me the choosing my major. The movie The Wolf of Wall street, is a business savvy movie that shows how one man can become a business typhoon that rules the market. This one movie helped peak my interest in the business world and make desire to become a self-proclaimed businessman. Television has also influenced decisions I made by stereotyping certain ideas, an example of this is how fraternities are foreseen through movies. As a freshman coming to Coastal Carolina I did not invasion myself joining a fraternity because I thought they would only be trouble and affect me academically. I soon realized fraternities are portrayed as bad, however in actuality they are not, and is the reason I joined one. If I would have listened, and let TV influence me on my decision to join Greek life, I more than likely wouldn’t have joined Pi Kappa Phi . Television is full of information both good and bad however we must pi...

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...The internet offers so many useful outlets that we have become accustom to and makes it the only obvious choice for most signifanct media invention.
Society has grew as the technology has, with this being said, it only makes since to make the connection that people and technology are intertwined because they are becoming dependent. Through no fault but our own we fall victim to being controlled by the devices that we think we are controlling. This world is being take a wrong path, losing personal interaction and replacing it with an artificial was of communication. Television was one of the very first media outlets that has begun to cripple people’s abilities to interact. Although the outcome of what the world is to come to was not mentioned in the video, I can promise that it is not a bright one, if we continue this dependency on media outlets to control our lives.

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