Essay about Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas

Essay about Movie The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Halloween is the time of the year when people dress up and have fun scaring people. Christmas is the time of the year full of joy and happiness. All though these two holidays are quite the opposite, some people find it hard to determine what type of movie The Nightmare Before Christmas is. There are two different sides, the people who think it’s a Halloween movie and the people who think it's a Christmas movie. I personally feel and believe that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie. I feel this way because after watching the movie multiple times, I’ve come up with many valid reasons that can make your mind change to stand with me on the side of people who also believe it’s a Christmas movie.Those reasons include the movie’s settings, animation and Jack’s obsession.
Without a doubt, my first reason on why I feel and believe The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie is because the settings in the movie suggest it is, in fact, a Christmas . During the movie you can follow along Jack’s magical adventure beyond the Christmas tree and into my first reason of Christmas Town.Christmas Town is just like what it sounds like.It’s a snow filled world of Christmas traditions.As you watch the movie you can see all the snow and red and green decorations.You must agree with me in saying that the setting of Christmas Town suggests The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie.
I believe that if you’re not yet convinced with my first reason, my next reason could win you over.My next reason is the animation from the movie.The movie illustrates a perfect white Christmas.In the scenes from Christmas Town ,and many others, you can see things you might do in the holiday season.These includes the children having snow ba...

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... characters and traditions.Yes, the movie came out in October but the movie has the word “Christmas” in it and people watch the movie in both seasons.I strongly feel that my evidence is stronger than the people’s who believe it is a Halloween movie.
Without a doubt, my opinion is very strong.My evidence is also very strong.It is clear to me that other people have different opinions, but hopefully after reading this you have either joined my side or become a stronger believer.The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie because it has a Christmas setting.It suggests it’s a Christmas movie because it has a lot of Christmas animation and the main character and main plot is about Jack being obsessed with Christmas.This hopefully has changed your point of view to stand with me and the other people who believe The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas movie.

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