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The Movie ' The Gift ' Essay

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We’ll be diving into the movie The Gift which was aired in the early 2000’s. This movie was directed by Sam Raimi and written by Billy Bob Thornton and Tom Epperson. To me this movie was astonishing from all of the categories we’d gone over in class. This movie focuses on a variety of colors. Not only using color for gloomy and ominous settings along with bright colors for safety, purity and spirituality. These colors also heighten the way people act and accentuate their characters. I loved how the colors were used in this movie because it kept you guessing and on your toes.
During beginning of this movie there was a very gloomy sequence it started off very dark with Spanish moss trees which were only dark black outlining. This outlined where all the action was to happen. It showed you the location of one death and there was almost a second death. The whole story of the movie was told in this opening scene. We don’t know who the killer was but we do have a slight idea who the victim was and her name was Jessica King. Death followed her with the color black as night. The color changed from pitch black leading into the early light of day where we were introduced to a pretty ambiance of oranges and yellows. Then we were later introduced to a typical family home. The colors were on a very neutral side using beiges, and whites. This movie did circle around a lot of white and beige. The trees dark colors and silhouettes of trees were accented into this movie. During this time in the movie it was unknown that Annie was the one doing the card readings. You just knew Annie is a main character in a house that seemed to be filled with the light of a welcoming home with a dark past. In this beginning scene, everything was very much exposed...

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... a spirit and he is dead. Annie at the end when she is at the police stations pulls out the rag she had given Buddy earlier on in the movie which is the brightest of all colors during this scene which is a bright white. This movie then ends with bright white and tan colors to show no harm will come to her and her family. Then roll in the credits.
In conclusion, this whole movie showed that these colors were point in the direction of the person who murdered Jessica King and almost successfully got away with it if it weren’t for the path of these mysterious glorified colors. This film was just excellent for giving you clues or throwing you off. I felt like this movie was one of the best thriller movies ever made because it isn’t like the teeny bopper content that people are always looking for. It is a real die hard movie that I recommend everyone to take a look at.

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