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Movie Review : Video Games Essay

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Pixels is a new movie in the genre of science fiction-action-comedy or games to movies genera. But like many of the movies beforehand in this minor genera of movies it stunk getting hammer with bad review and horrid scores, a good synopsis of why this movie was even created can be found in Roy Graham review of the movie this movies Pixels from this review it can be seen that Roy Graham knows a lot about 2 things 1 is movies the other is video games so from this interesting perspective we can see how the media incorrectly illuminates gaming in the current day. Pixels is movie about an group of outcast who just want to be accepted for what they love to do which in this case is play video games. The movie then goes on to an alien invasion in the form of retro video game characters, and conventional military weapons and tactics prove useless, and so the group of outcast nerds must band together and stop this alien threat, no not the trained military or professionals just a bunch of nerds. Now with a plot this flimsy people might ask how could a film on this idea even be consider for a film? Simple, because producers know people will at least go see it if it has some of their old favorite video game characters in it. They know it’s a safe market and that there less of a risk working with something that already has a pre-established fan based. This is why there are a lot of movies about video games out there and why they all pretty much suck. These 2 exclusive types of content need to be treated as such, 2 complete different things that should have no major correlation with one another. This is why movies about video games will continue to be made and they will also continue being terrible pieces of film.
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...only the movie but the idea of behind the movie. Using past examples of other movies that tried this concept and could not pull it off. Most people don’t like either prince of Persia or doom movies but loved the games. The points made in this article illustrates the main reason games and movies should not be intertwined. Because when you do no one tries hard to make a good movie, the fan base is pissed off and no one wins. In the end they company makes a quick buck but burn a lot of bridges to get there losing lots of trust and respect in the proses. These 2 great mediums for content should be treat as such 2 DIFFERENT mediums and given the respect they deserve. Movies need to find new ideas for movies and not reuse old completely unrelated mediums. They may make a lot of money off this kind of film but at the price of faith of the fans and the quality of reputation.

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