Movie Review : ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

Movie Review : ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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Did The Great Gatsby Movie Adaptation Stay True to the Original Version?
Baz Luhrmann’s movies are known for their unorthodox visuals and creatively inserted music into the scene. Recently, he received some negative responses from his movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby. His movie adaptation was considered unfaithful to the original text or story, despite using most of the same text and action. The Great Gatsby movie adaptation by Baz Luhrmann didn’t capture the essence of the original novel. By attempting to modernize the novel, he didn’t let the characters to connect emotionally with the audience.
The movie didn’t quite touch the viewers as well as the original novel did, it only skimmed through the scenes and focused more on the “party” section that was mentioned in the novel. Luhrmann’s movie adaptation modified the original text in a distinct way, especially through the hyperbolic representation of Jay Gatsby’s parties and the choice of modern soundtrack.
The plot and setting of the book is quite similar. Although some of the plots in the novel were used in the movie adaptation, but there were a lot that was altered as well. The Great Gatsby story starts off with the narrator, Nick Carraway, who moved from the Midwest to New York to learn about the bond business. He lives on the island of West Egg, which across from East Egg, where his cousin Daisy and her husband, Tom Buchanan live. Nick is neighbors with a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby, who is the main protagonist of the novel and the movie. Gatsby is predominantly known for throwing extravagant parties every weekend at his mansion in West Egg. He is suspected to be a bootlegger and does illegal activities as how he earns money. The story con...

... middle of paper ... from Daisy. He then got shot, he died believing that Daisy was going to leave to Tom and run away with him. The scenes leading up to this moment of Gatsby’s death were short and not detailed enough, the death scene ended up not provoking enough emotions from the viewers. Luhrmann also cut out the last-minute and unpredictable of Gatsby’s father, which also eliminated the surprise element of the movie. The movie ending turned out to be tedious and reticent, contrary to the viewer’s former expectation.
In conclusion, Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby will nevermore be as satisfying as F. Scott Fitzgerald original version of the novel. The movie adaptation lacked the emotional connection with the viewers. Baz Luhrmann focused more on creating a visual excitement and very little else. The texts in Fitzgerald’s novel jumps out to readers as they are

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