Essay on Movie Review : The Civil War

Essay on Movie Review : The Civil War

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Being a United States History major, the choice for this movie review was simply a no brainer. For this paper I have chosen to review the Civil War based movie named Glory. The movie was released in 1989, just after the centennial of the Civil War ending. Glory was innovative, due to the fact that not many movies portrayed how the blacks were important to the North winning the war against the South. The movie had an all-star cast that consisted of Matthew Broderick as Col. Robert Shaw, Denzel Washington as Pvt Trip, and Morgan Freeman as Sgt Major John Rawlins ( Before critically reviewing this wonderful movie, I only watched the movie for the significance of it being about our nation’s history and war. As I critically watched this movie and from what I have learned about culture, I see the many different cultures or societies that were represented throughout this film. Throughout this movie you see the different types of culture that are represented throughout with the upper/high class being the wealthy and white, and the lower class being the blacks that were slaves or the new soldiers that made up the 54th Regiment.
This movie was daring because there had not been a movie made about how former slaves and/or blacks that had been involved in defeating the South. I believe the intention of the filmmaker was clear met in his story telling of how important it was for the North to bolster their army with the help of the blacks. The decision to show the unfairness between the treatment of white and black soldiers was critical to be accurate in the portrayal of this event. The movie begins with a battle that was ultimately lost by the North and where we are introduced to Col Robert Shaw. He is injured during the ...

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... thinks still to this day that those of different color still belong into a particular class whether higher or lower.
The movie Glory is a fantastic movie that contains scenes of different cultures and how they interacted differently within their own culture and other cultures. We are given examples of upper/high class with the party at Col Shaw’s parent’s house and lower class with the treatment of the black soldiers throughout the film. For me the climax of the film, the 54th being given the appropriate respect and being treated as equal is at the end of the movie just before the last battle Fort Sumnter. It never fails, I still get chills when one of the white soldiers finally acknowledges and begins the chant for the mighty 54th. I hope that one day all persons will be treated equally among each other and that there will be one class of individuals, not two.

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