Movie Review : ' The Choice '

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The movie that is going to be judged throughout this paper is called The Choice. It is based off of the book by Nicholas Sparks and was released on February 5th of 2016. It is about a man and a woman that falls madly in love with each other and a bad car wreck leaves the woman on life support. She does make it through and they continue through with life. The criteria that I will be using to judge this video will be aesthetic. For you to enjoy the movie you have to feel the emotions and understand each character when something happens. The Choice is a good movie because it shows you the emotions/feelings of some people experience in life. When Gabby falls in love with Travis, she never thought that their story would take the journey that it did. Many people, in real life, are the same. They never thought that the journey they would take in life together would have the same tragedy that Gabby and Travis experienced. A couple by the name of Brooke and Margaret Hopkins had the same experience. Margaret’s husband, Brooke, was riding a bicycle when he rounded a curve and colli...

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