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Movie Review : Safe Haven Essay

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Each movie or television show out there has characters. These characters are what make each show/movie unique. Throughout my years of watching TV and movies I have developed a taste for the types of characters I enjoy to watch. I have to say that I enjoy a wide variety of characters, but to narrow that down, I like admirable characters as well as a little villainous here and there. In this essay I will compare these two types of characters and why I find each one appealing.
I hate to admit it but I am a total sucker for the dramatic, girly, romance films and TV shows. For some reason I am just drawn to them. I am the girl that gets excited for the newest Nicholas sparks love movies that always have a happy ending, some how. I love admirable characters that I can really live through and get emotionally attached to during movies. For example, Nicholas Sparks’ film titled Safe Haven. I personally fell in love with the two main characters, Katie and Josh. In this film, Katie runs away from an abusive husband and tries to start a new life in a small town. When she gets there she meets the owner of a convenience store who she slowly falls in love with. Throughout the movie I was rooting for them to fall in love because the viewers watched her being physically and mentally abused by her husband. Josh being the admirable character introduces her to his kids helps her paint her house and even buys her a bike. He wants her to be comfortable in this unfamiliar town. Throughout the movie he is a mature, loving dad who takes great care of his kids and does everything he can to take care of Katie without even knowing her past. Once he finds out about her past, he does everything he can to protect her and take care of her. This is what I love ...

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...a wide variety of characters in movies and shows that I like to watch, but these are two of my favorites. I love admirable and heroic characters because, seeing them doing the right thing almost always leads to a happy ending. I know its sappy but I love happy endings and I live for the romance shown in TV shows and movies. While I love the mushy love scenes, I also love the characters with hidden personalities. I really enjoy characters that are villainous who eventually break down their walls and transform. Seeing the connection between two characters eventually leading to their real personalities coming out is something that makes a great movie. The two movies that I picked are perfect examples of both of these types of characters and how they are portrayed. I absolutely love both of these films for many reasons but the biggest being the characters personalities.

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