Movie Review : ' Reality And Inception ' Essays

Movie Review : ' Reality And Inception ' Essays

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Essay: Reality and Inception
Inception is a movie following a man named Dom Cobb who is a thief who steals
thoughts from people’s deep sub conscious through the use of dreams, this is the act they call
extraction. Dom is the best at this in the movie and such has made him a valuable asset to some
and a dangerous fugitive to others. During the movie Dom and his team are offered a chance at
redemption but they have to do something never done before, this being instead of extracting and
idea planting one in someone’s mind. Long story short Cobb and his team eventually pull of the
reverse heist. This is a fantastic movie, however, it has a very deep philosophical meaning and
concept at its core, this concept being reality.
This film throws a big curve ball into the concept of reality, first of all by having dreams
that are being controlled by the persons sub conscious. Secondly this film introduces a deeper
concept involving reality in that it adds dreams inside of dreams. In every dream sequence of this
film Dom and his team have objects called totems that remind them it’s a dream, Dom’...

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