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Movie Review: Quiz Show Essay

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Humans have a tendency to think of their wants and needs, so they plan their life accordingly. However, life isn't perfect and nor are the plans that individuals make. The choices made each day demonstrate an important part of one's ideals and moral values but these strong pillars of identity weaken as problems worsen. The basis for and impact of choices is portrayed very well in the movie The Quiz show, staring Ralph Fiennes, John Turturro and Rob Morrow. The movie shows that the basis for an individual’s choices depends on that individual's interest and values, hunger for success and the fear of tarnishing their reputation. These three components are easy to notice in others, yet considered insignificant enough to not acknowledge in ourselves. All of these individual components also have a huge impact on an individual's pride and ego, which itself is an issue that impacts an individual’s decision-making.

Success, the thing most desire, yet very few attain is one of the major causes of devastation in the movie. Charles Van Doren, Herbert Stempel, Dan Enright and Albert Freedman undergo immense change in the process of decision making and doing the right thing. The text shows how all of them got more than they bargained for, which ultimately led to their downfall. A quote that depicts the further dilemmas and responses of the characters mentions, “everything comes with a price because there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world”. The story begins with a polite and naïve Charles Van Doren, who was known solely because of his renowned father, Mark Van Doren. In fact, when Charles came to interview for Tic-Tac-Dough, one individual named Elizabeth began her conversation with Charles by mentioning, “Excuse me, are you the s...

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...and the fear of tarnishing their reputation. These three components affected all characters in a negative way but they also affected the people around them. Charles Van Doren wanted wealth and make his parents proud but his decisions resulted in his family being insulted in front of the media and the world. On the other hand, Herbert Stempel wanted fame, success and to create an identity for himself, however, his selfish actions led to him tarnishing his image before even getting the chance to build one. Lastly, Dan Enright and Albert Freedman wanted success by having highest ratings for their quiz show, however, their actions led to them destroying their careers, along with the lives of Charles Van Doren and Herbert Stempel. All together, this movie is an ideal example of what may happen if greed and selfishness overshadow an individual's sense of decision-making.

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