Movie Review of Tristan and Isolde

Movie Review of Tristan and Isolde

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In Medieval times during King Arthur’s reign beholds the legend of Tristan and Isolde, which is retold in this film packed full of daring action and romance. Director, Kevin Reynolds, and writer, Dean Georgaris put the classic legend up on the screen. It is rated PG-13 for the many battle sequences and some brief sexuality, but is still suitable for most audiences. In 125 minutes, you may enjoy many deadly battles and enticing romantic scenes as well. Reynolds did a stupendous job on recreating the love story of the Irish King’s daughter, Isolde, played by Sophia Myles, and Tristan, played by James Franco, who is from an English tribe and the Irish’s enemy. During one breathtaking battle, the bold and courageous Tristan is hurt tremendously and is thought to be dead so they put him in the ocean. Ironically, he is not dead, and a lonely Isolde finds him on the sandy beach, barely alive. With the help of her maid, Isolde nurses him back to health, and during this time they fall madly in love with each other.
Isolde misleads Tristan to believe that she is someone else during the time he spends with her. She also discovers that she is promised to marriage to the man that has helped her father out continuously through the years. He is also the man that Tristan killed in a battle, during a fight that left them both near death, but only the other man dying. Tristan must return to his own country and can’t be seen by any of the Irish so he leaves quickly.
When he returns he discovers that the Irish king, Donnchadh wishes to throw the English tribes into chaos, so he has a tournament between the English, to fight among themselves. The prize is his daughter. Tristan wins the princess' hand for Lord Marke, who wishes to put all the tribes in union. Isolde who sees the fight and thinks she may now marry Tristan rushes up to him and says, “I am yours I am all yours ” Tristan is horrified to see that the woman he wins for Marke, is Isolde, and she is devastated as well. Worse, Marke is a good and worthy future king, whose belief in Tristan has made him the young knight who he is. First, separated by countries at war, and now because of the respect to king and country, Tristan and Isolde must stay apart.

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There love and lust for each other causes them to come together many nights for “meetings”. Isolde starts caring for Marke immensely, but is still deep in love with Tristan. Risking everything, especially Marke’s trust of Tristan the two continue hiding their relationship. One night Marke and Isolde’s father catch the two together and they are thrown in prison. This act causes a violent uproar between the two countries. From the two love bird’s daring acts and a raging war between the two countries this movie will have you on the edge of your seat waiting on what’s to come.
This action-packed romance are for those who enjoy historic movies retelling a story that will be cherished in your life forever. I would give this movie a high “B”. Tristan and Isolde contains a lot of action, which many audiences enjoy, but at the same time have a deeply emotional theme of romance. One thing to keep in mind is that true love has its penalties and it doesn’t conquer all.
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