Essay on Movie Review : ' Notorious '

Essay on Movie Review : ' Notorious '

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The sequence I have chosen to analyze comes from the Alfred Hitchcock film, Notorious. It is the sequence where Devlin (Cary Grant) introduces Alicia (Ingrid Bergman) to the job the secret agency hopes she will do. I will be looking at and analyzing how the sequence was constructed, what effects it has on the spectators, how the sequence advances the narrative, and how the filmic elements presented relate to the ideas and themes of the film.
The sequence begins when Devlin enters his and Alicia 's apartment to her preparing dinner for the two of them. When he first walks in, Alicia is still in the kitchen, preparing dinner and talking away to him about it but Devlin remains in the living room where he stays quiet, quietly debating on how and when to tell Alicia of the job the secret agency has for her. His silence would probably be a bit more concerning if Alicia wasn 't busy talking away about dinner taking away from the awkward silence that would surely be there if she wasn 't. When Alicia comes in from the kitchen, she approaches Devlin as any loving significant other would. Devlin appears tense and stiff, which Alicia quickly picks up on. She tells him to tell her what is going on as to not spoil their nice evening and he insists that he will tell her after dinner. She makes a remark, almost jokingly, about how he is about to tell her that he has a wife and two adorable little children and that they must not see each other anymore. He makes a snide remark back at her implying that she 's heard that one before. She looks hurt and tells him that the comment he made wasn 't fair. He then proceeds to tell her that she must not worry about that, they have other things to be concerned with, there is a job for her. While she is stil...

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...y interested in her, all she has to do, is pretend to reciprocate that interest and she will be certain to succeed in her mission. This sequence also advances this film in the idea of a romantic relationship between Devlin and Alicia, the true love interests of this film. This sequence makes the viewer believe that the relationship between them has come to a complete halt. But the viewer can see that the love and emotion between the two characters is far too strong to be ended just like that. Although this sequence seems to change the plot of the film from a romantic movie about two people madly in love with each other to a film about spies and espionage, if the view pays close enough attention throughout the rest of the film, they can see that the espionage assignment is merely a way to further develop the love and the romantic relationship between Devlin and Alicia.

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