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Is it really ok to lie to one’s self? What if one couldn’t actually remember certain life events, is it better to lie and make everything better or actually take the truth no matter what condition one end up left in? Memento is a film shot and written very differently from movies of the same genre. Not only was it very confusing, but it was a film that required a great amount of focus as well as deep analysis from the audience’s part. In the beginning, the audience is introduced to a character named Leonard Shelby who is on a mission to find his wife’s murderer and rapist to get his rightful revenge. Right away, his disability of forming new memories is introduced. The film incorporates different colors and different events that in the end, somehow end up fitting together although, many of the events are left open for the audience to figure out. In the end, the movie leaves the audience wondering if Leonard and Sammy are actually the same person, if the wife actually died the way her death was presented in the film, and if there was even a good person in the film. The beginning of the film presents Leonard Shelby as an innocent character that is lost in a world of his own, and often runs into people he doesn’t exactly trust. The audience witnesses Leonard stating “I have this condition” multiple times to different people and somehow, it makes the audience sympathize with this character in the beginning. All of a sudden, new, suspicious characters are introduced as well as their bad motives. Leonard’s struggles to believe certain people are presented and one can’t help but believe Leonard. Teddy eventually says to Leonard: “You don’t know who you are anymore, maybe it’s time you started investigating yourself”, right then and ther... ... middle of paper ... ...enefit you, it’s being honest and straightforward to one’s self. What’s the point of lying to oneself and being in denial to the real world? Leonard was clearly in denial about his entire life. In fact, he was scared of getting hurt and the audience sees this because of the fact that he lied to himself and manipulated himself into believing that he didn’t kill his wife. If in fact, Leonard is actually Sammy, his disease came in the way of the truth and he didn’t want to blame himself for what actually happened. Overall, the film was one with many possible outcomes but one thing does stand out as obvious; Leonard needed serious medical help. In conclusion, Leonard’s wife’s death sounds more similar to Sammy’s story than what Leonard states he “saw”. The very compelling story line of this film left the audience scattered and responsible for creating their own ending.

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