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Movie Review : Let 's Be Cops Essay

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The film Let’s Be Cops is a 2014 comedy about two friends who decide to imposter cops. The movie stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr, two interracial friends who pretend to be cops after realizing the attention and respect the position comes with when they dress up as cops for party one night. Artz studies such films that promote a new kind of racism and introduces interracial buddy films in his article, “Hegemony in Black and White: Interracial Buddy Films and the New Racism.” Let’s Be Cops falls into the biracial buddy film genre outlined by Artz to a high extent as it shows the biracial duo with either a stereotypical perspective or one that mocks their race.
The biracial buddy film genre uses humour as an excuse to mock black characters as displayed in Let’s Be Cops. As Artz mentions, “interracial male-bonding movie have been Hollywood’s contribution to the discussion on race in America.” The reason interracial buddy movies are a big part of pop culture today and why they first started being produced were to please the African Americans and an attempt to prove that white and black’s are equal now. However that doesn’t make it acceptable for movies to display black stereotypes negatively for the sake of humour. In Let’s Be Cops, Ryan (the white friend) jumps out to scare his friend Justin (the black character) and Justin responds by punching Ryan in the face after letting out a scream. Justin then says, “You don 't jump out on brothers. We don 't like that, you know that!” By referring to African Americans as “brothers”, Justin mocks his own culture by implying that when startled, black men respond with violence. It’s implying the well-known stereotype that black people are more violent therefore shouldn’t be messed with ...

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To conclude, Let’s Be Cops falls into the biracial buddy genre outlined by Artz to a very high extend. It reveals exactly how this movie is just one of many created as an answer to black people’s protests on inequality and why it really just mocks their culture and race instead of helping it. They show some stereotypical traits in the black character, such as violence, but other than that give the assigned traits to the white character as it’s more “humourous” and mocks the complains of the black society. The white cop is the confident character who’s in charge while the black character just follows along and struggles with his romantic relationship. Throughout the movie, racism is treated like a joke and is being made fun of and justified by giving the black cop a few moments to shine and appear like a good citizen and the white cop stays in charge.

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