Movie Review : If Life Were Fair Essay

Movie Review : If Life Were Fair Essay

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If life were fair, the film adaptation of a book would be word for word and never leave out a single detail. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Even more unfortunate is the fact that some movies, that are based off a book , don’t get anything but the character names right in the adaptation. Even though the author, Stephanie Meyer, helped to adapt her book The Host into a movie, the book is much better than the film. The conflict is much more engaging, the characters are more realistic, and the theme is more mature and meaningful in the book than in the movie.
The conflict is the main interest factor of a story line, and therefor must be engaging throughout the entirety of the book or film. In the novel, The Host looks at conflicts such as human nature vs. change, character vs. character, and character vs. self. With the variety of conflicts, the author is able to share a more in depth story. The time and setting can be seen in how the people respond to a change in their world, an alien race coming to earth. Stephanie Meyer conveys the true nature of her characters through a more complex character vs. character conflict, an alien and her human host. Wanderer is the alien who is in control of the host body, but Melanie, the soul of the body, didn’t disappear when Wanderer was implanted. Instead, Melanie fights to stay alive and works both with and against Wanderer to achieve freedom for them both. This problem, the host body’s personality not fading, brings up a moral conflict for Wanderer. She struggles with the idea of telling the authorities and being responsible for ending Melanie’s life. Instead she follows Melanie’s suggestions which conflicts with her entire moral code and that struggle can be seen through the first h...

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...There is no resolution between the two main characters and therefor their situation isn’t as relatable. . The film does not show their growth together or their learning to coexist. The same is true for the conflict between the human and the aliens. The movie doesn’t show the coexistence between the two and therefor misses the opportunity to leave the watcher with something to think about. There is no lesson to be learned from the endless fighting if there is no resolution.
A book is more detailed than a movie. It is able to convey a deeper conflict and keep individuals interested throughout the entirety of the story. Characters are more detailed and better explained in print. And when someone takes time to invest in a story, they should come away with the emotions the author wanted to invoke through the theme. This can be done only through a well-developed novel.

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