Essay about Movie Review : ' Halloween '

Essay about Movie Review : ' Halloween '

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A white mask, kitchen knife and standing at about six feet tall, Michael Myers has been terrifying children and babysitters since 1978. The legendary director, John Carpenter first introduces us to the mass-murdering machine in the original film Halloween, and later is recreated by seven sequels, and a modern adaptation directed by Rob Zombie. As many people know nothing is better than the original, but Zombies special eye for horror has placed his remake as the most successful Halloween franchise movie of all time with a box office profit of 80 million. Maybe a good explanation for its success is the almost full consistency between the original and his version, given only a few changes of, technology, and gore, to keep up with the new generation of viewers. Surprisingly, there also is some major extra footage on the character development of Michael Myers.
In the original 1978 version of the movie, Michael is introduced as a little boy with a strange fetish for masks, a promiscuous sister and is proclaimed to have many nightmares and visions of people telling him what to do and he should hate people. Other than that Michael’s character is barely explained, which in a sense makes his killing spree (at age six) 100 times creepier. In comparison, Zombies version dives into a twenty-minute sequence of Michael’s life before his escape from the asylum.
The opening scene begins with Michael and from what we can assume , his pet rat, as Michael is upstairs we meet his mother Deborah and stepfather Ronnie. Arguing through the entire scene, the audience can already see that Michael is growing up in in a totally volatile and abusive household.. In the next scene we watch him cleaning a knife in the bathroom,, giving away the fact he k...

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...iority. From watching the beginning scenes of the movie, Michael gets taken to the principles office, and is made apparent that this is not the first time he has been there. Showing that Michael has not coped with being in school and does not have the capability to have a sense of competence. So, later in his life Michael shows the negative characteristic of inferiority. We can also see the adolescence stage beginning while he’s at school. Identity vs. role confusion, where an important event includes social relationships, for Michael he has a poor sense of self and gets bullied by a group of boys. Both of these negative characteristics come back into play when Michael is an adult and feels inferior compared to other people around him which anger him causing him to attack people. Also, Michael Myers shows a strong sense of confusion on who he his, as an adult.

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