Movie Review : From The Trilogy Of Terror Directed By Dan Curtis And Misery

Movie Review : From The Trilogy Of Terror Directed By Dan Curtis And Misery

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The movies “Amelia” from the Trilogy of Terror directed by Dan Curtis and Misery directed by Rob Reiner are similar in plot, in that they both feature bursts of violence, the scheming of plans and the use of knifes. They also meet the three reasons King gives in the interview Why We Crave Horror Movies by Rise B. Axelrod and Charles R. Cooper.
The movies involve multiple tense fighting scenes, the making of plans, and knives. In “Amelia” there are multiple times that Amelia fights the doll. In one scene, the doll attacks her with a knife and she tries to escape. Later on, she wrestles with the doll to try to get it away from the knife and it ends up biting her neck. She ends up trying to get the doll to let go of her neck and throws it in the oven. In Misery, Paul Sheldon is kidnapped by an aggressive fan, Annie. She often throws fits when she doesn’t like something. Like when Paul lets her read the new book and she shows up at the foot of his bed yelling, “SLIPPED AWAY! SLIPPED AWAY?! SHE DIDN 'T JUST SLIP AWAY! YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT! YOU MURDERED MY MISERY!”, and nearly kills him over that fact that he “killed Misery”. Near the end of the movie, Paul makes a plan to kill her after she says that she was going to kill him and herself. In that scene, we see another burst of violence when Paul hits her on the head with a typewriter. In both movies, there are knives as makeshift weapons. The doll steals the knife from the kitchen because it lost its spear and Paul also steals the knife from the kitchen when he discovers that Annie was a nurse who killed her patients.
Both movies give us a sense normalcy and have a rollercoaster of a plot. One of the reasons that King gives us on the interview, Why We Crave Horror Mo...

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...s fake.
The last reason that King gives us is that it brings us back to our childhood fears. For example, the doll in “Amelia” comes to life. Any child that might have seen the movie Chucky, can say that they fear that their dolls came to life. In Misery, it deals with the childhood fear of lying and trusting people you don’t know. Like when Paul had to lie that he hadn’t been sneaking around even though Annie already knew he was. Also, Paul had to trust Annie at the beginning because he had no other choice.
These two movies are the role models of what a horror movie should be. They have the three reasons in which King gives us in the interview Why We Crave Horror Movies, which are a sense of normalcy, “rollercoaster ride” plots, and revisiting childhood fears. There plots are similar when it comes to some violent scene, the scheming of plans, and the use of knifes.

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