Movie Review : ' Freedom Writers ' Essay

Movie Review : ' Freedom Writers ' Essay

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The 2007 movie Freedom Writers gives a voice of hope and peace in a fragile environment where hate and sorrow battle in the life of urban teenagers. This drama film narrates the true story of a new English teacher, Erin Growell, who is designated to work in an inner-city school full of students surround by poverty, violence and youth crime bands. During the beginning of the movie, the teacher struggles to survive her first days at this racially segregated school in which students prejudice her for being white and ignore her authority in the classroom. The teacher encounters the life of students who are hopeless for a better future and attached to a delinquency lifestyle of survival. In addition, she confronts a reality of lack of educational support in the school and a discouraging teaching environment. Therefore, without another option, Growell decides to make a difference in her classroom and teach from the perspectives of
her own students. Full of courage and determination, this English teacher starts to gain her students ' respect and acceptance by showing them about tolerance within each other and understanding of everyone 's life struggle. Then, "Mrs. G" starts to instruct her curriculum by giving each student a journal in which they wrote their everyday experiences and sentiments, a strategy that helped the students escape from their worries and problems. During this long educational journey, Growell sacrifices her own marriage and works additional jobs to pay for more resources for her students. Furthermore, during this beautiful film, it is described the struggles that each student goes outside of school but also how their perspectives changes from the hope they have earned with Mrs. Growell. Finally, she is able to te...

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...ment, this teacher is capable of bringing a light of faith in her students and from her determination she is able to show that is worthwhile to make a difference. Now days education is only about standardized testing and teaching a curriculum, rather than becoming a role model to students and change their perspectives of life. Therefore this movie teaches the enormous value and impact that a teacher can have in someone 's life and encourages teachers to exceed the limits and make education meaningful for students. In addition, the film inspires to pursuit a better future. It demonstrates that there is always hope to achieve big dreams and overcome the impossibilities. Finally, freedom writers teaches the humanitarian lesson of helping those who suffered, and being the change that they need to see. It is about becoming a hero everyday in the simplest moments of life.

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