The Movie ' Requiem For A Dream ' Essay

The Movie ' Requiem For A Dream ' Essay

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In the United States today, drug use, substance abuse, and addiction are consistently growing dilemmas! At a young age we are asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Answers vary from doctor, police officer, astronaut, etc.; it is hard to image an individual saying, “I want to be addicted to drugs.” However, society witness’s individuals tumbling into drug addiction or other forms of addiction daily. This, in consequence, can cripple and prevent any person from accomplishing their childhood dreams. Addiction has many forms; this is evident in Requiem for a Dream, Darren Aronofsky’s critically renowned film, centered on the effects of drug use and misuse. The film conveys how quickly an individual can transition from recreational use to a drug addictive lifestyle. The film also addresses the pressing question, “Are legal and illegal drugs equivalent in terms of addiction?” Contrary to popular belief, drug dependence is not at all exclusive to illicit drugs and the “addicts” which confide in them. This is conveyed in the film through the evolution of Sara Goldfarb’s (Ellen Burstyn) character. A widowed mother, who becomes physiologically consumed on diet pills in hopes to be in peak condition when appearing on a game show. This molds another compelling topic: to what degree do drugs alter an individual’s physical state and frame of mind? Ellen Burstyn character, Sara Goldfarb’s physical and psychological structure is devastated by the end of the film due to her fixation of her appearance! Throughout the entirety of the film she is constantly glancing at the refrigerator, fighting every urge to eat! Conveying to the viewer’s it is evident drug addiction can lead to harming one’s body, which can result in losing of limbs, mi...

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...oxing process in prison, “it is merely a process of the patient separating from the drug” (p. 7). Conveying this is a extensive process which many addicts may indeed find to be worse than a jail stint or prison sentence.
In conclusion, drug use, substance abuse, and addiction are ever growing epidemics in today’s society! The film Requiem for a Dream conveys to its viewers the destruction to an individual’s life if they fall victim to addiction. Sara was placed in a mental hospital, Harry lost his arm, Marion partook in explicit sexual endeavors, ripping her of her morals, and Tyrone was arrested and jailed, where he experienced critical withdrawal symptoms. These are all situations that could have been avoided. It is important for someone to think before they intake any drug even the mildest of forms because, who knows? They may be next to fall victim to addiction!

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