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“Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” This was a quote by the old-time movie actress Audrey Hepburn. Usually as a child you would remember your favorite movie and are able to sing along to songs or quote your favorite character. The memories of that specific movie excite and bring back jovial thoughts. Most people have had this type of experience and that was all created possible by two brothers in Germany in the late 1800’s. November 1st, 1895 Max and Emil Skladanowsky invented the Bioscop an early movie projector and used that to display the first moving picture show to a paying audience at the Berlin Wintergarten theatre, the site of the first movie theater ever. Since 1895, movies have taken the world by storm and have captivated generations of people through colorful and exciting motions on the big screen. As movies have evolved from ten minutes to two hours, and from black and white to vivid colors, from two-dimensional to high definition the movie projector has evolved also from the use of light bulbs to LED lights.
In 1879 Thomas Edison created the lightbulb and in 1888 the inventor decided to design machines that made and displayed pictures in motion. Edison and his assistant W.K.L Dickson began experimenting with accommodating the phonograph and tried diligently and with much frustration to make rows of small pictures on cylinders. Earlier in 1877 Emil Raynaud's introduced his new creation called the Praxinoscope. The Praxinoscope produced the illusion of movement where it was viewed on mirrors, In 1889 Reynaud showcases a much larger version of his praxinoscope. In 1889 Thomas Edison goes to Paris to view Etienne Mareys camera that uses flexible film. He and his assistant buys some Eastman Kodak film and ge...

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...ife, such as love, relationship, money, and the like. A great example is the movie "Wall Street." The director actually made the movie to show the dark side of money, but it wound up encouraging people to go into banking.

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