Essay about Movie Production : The Secret Service

Essay about Movie Production : The Secret Service

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Movie production is a highly admired visual entertainment towards people’s lives. It is a form of entertainment for people of all race, gender, and age. Many seek to take part in the luxury qualities of this entertainment including advertisers. These advertisers of many thriving companies such as Nike, Domino’s Pizza, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc. are prominently promoting their products towards the audience through movie productions. Therefore, the term of their action of promoting the goods of their own company is called product placement. Product placement is to help promote a quality brand to a viewer’s appeal that helps not only have the consumer to purchase, but to also increase the marketing of that company.
The 2014 spy action film Kingsman: The Secret Service, is a story of a secret spy organization who recruits individuals and train them for a mission to destroy the nationwide threat of ecoterrorism from Richmond Valentine, a wealthy ecoterrorism. This film is based off of the comic book The Secret Service, giving a more appealing attractions towards many comic book loving readers. Typically, from my experience the audience was slightly diverse at the age of 18 to 45 with 45% of them are women and 55% of them are men watching this rated R film with crime fighting and obscure language. I personally rate this movie 9 out of 10 due to the genre and well performed actors Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, and Samuel L. Jackson. The film conducts a high interest of product placement many presented in this film that attracted different individuals in the audience.
One form of product placement which is shown in the film right away is the NY hat that actor Samuel L. Jackson wears that gives his character a realistic personality. The hat ...

... middle of paper ...

...s energy drinks, but since it has a high tendency for health issues many would not notice the brand in the particular part in the film.
I believe that product placement is to help promote a quality brand to a viewer’s appeal to get the consumer to purchase, and to also increase the marketing of that company because it is a form of advertising. Without advertising many companies’ products would not be sold to many consumers who are appealed to them. The fact that movies are a highly ranged entertainment that all people of age, gender, and race are allowed to experience once it is offered gives promoters a door to a big jump in marketing. The promotion of products in movie productions will continue to manifest as long as movies are being produced. Without a little snapshot of the product, many would not have the interest to purchase products today from the companies.

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