The Movie ' Pocahontas ' Essay

The Movie ' Pocahontas ' Essay

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Disney produced a movie called Pocahontas in the year 1995. The movie is about a Native American girl, named Pocahontas. Through Pocahontas spirit, she senses that great change is bound to happen in her village. As predicted a ship lands, and within the ship are Englishmen in search of gold. While roaming the land, Pocahontas encounters the captain of the ship, John Smith. Curiosity got the best of them and soon enough they fall in love with each other. While they spend time together, they learn and discover many new things about each other that both did not know. While love grows between Pocahontas and john smith, rage as well as anger grows between the Englishmen and the Native Americans. Emotions rise, and tension come to a breaking point, thus leading to prepare for a war.
The film was not historically accurate, but it did include a couple of true facts about the characters and locations. The film left out numerous of information about a few characters and managed to input information that does not match with what really happened in the story behind Pocahontas. Disney altered the real story of Pocahontas in order for it to be more approachable toward children. The reality behind what happened to Pocahontas would not be suitable for children of young age, so altering it to be more of a fairytale seemed more reasonable for their entertainment.
Although the film did an excellent job at portraying a child’s animation movie, it did not do a very good job at demonstrating the truth behind the real story. In an article called The Pocahontas Myth, written by Chief Roy Crazy Horse, he states that Pocahontas real name was Matoaka and that “Pocahontas” was given to her as a nickname meaning “spoiled child". In the movie, Disney portr...

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... like. The film just showed what Hollywood does to make the movie more appealing to all viewers, and in this movie, Disney changed cruelty and violence for peace and romance.
In conclusion the film did a good job in producing a cute and entertaining film for the entertainment of children, but should not be used to teach the historical aspect towards Pocahontas life. Although the film did not do a good job at conveying a history lesson, it was able to portray some importance toward Pocahontas life and that should be appreciated all throughout. This movie just shows how far Hollywood would go to have better box office appeal while excluding the historical meaning of the movie. The world should be able to see the reality of History and sometimes showing the brutal truth can help educate everyone instead of learning false information and being misinformed all the time.

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