The Movie ' 3 Idiots ' Essay

The Movie ' 3 Idiots ' Essay

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Does the starting point of becoming successful depends only on how wealthy you are and how your family supports you financially? Does the American Dream only accessible to people from upper class? The majority of people tends to believe that most of the time, successful people came from an upper class whose parents have a good educational background and stable income. Although this is agreeable, the truth is that lower income classes are more determined and hardworking when it comes to being successful and they too, can achieve the American Dream. They have persisted in upward mobility to become a better or successful person than that of their parents. The 2009 Indian movie directed by Rajkumar Hirani, “3 idiots” emphasized this based on three students and friends who are from different classes. This movie shows how even the lowest income can achieve the American Dream: the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children that can be achieved through hard work.
In the movie “3 idiots” among the three friends is Raju, who was from a lower class family. As an oldest son and a brother, he was responsible for everything that goes in the family. Because his family was poor in possessions, they wouldn’t be able to live like others and even her sister wasn’t able to get married, for they didn 't have enough money for her dowry. Raju chooses engineering with hopes of improving his family 's financial situation and to have a better life. This portrays that even lower classes have the ability or chances to do something better in their lives. It also reflexes the American Dream, which is to be able to get what they want if they work hard for it. Although Raju at first just try to become su...

... middle of paper ... on what their parents want to do and eventually losing hope of achieving the American Dream. Furthermore, it can also stop them from having the upward mobility.
In conclusion, the American Dream is available for anyone who is willing to face the circumstances to get to upward mobility. Upper class or lower class, if one is willing to go through hardships with dedication and determination just like Rancho and his friend, there is no stopping to pursue the American Dream. Moreover, parents need to understand their children 's potential and wants so that they would be able to go further in achieving their dreams. After all, upward mobility, especially for the lower income classes really is based on whether or not achieving the dreams that a person had and that American Dream, is available for anyone who have a passion to own that dream.

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