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Hannibal Buress shows us why he has gotten to where he is in the stand up comedy world with his material in his latest special Comedy Camisado (2015), but fails to do anything else to showcase his talents. First of all I just want it known that I am a big Hannibal Buress fan, from The Eric Andre Show to his previous special Live From Chicago. So with this in mind, I went into this special with very high expectations. While those expectations were met, they were certainly not exceeded. As a student majoring in comedy and aspiring to be stand up comedian, I wanted this special to fill me with passion and remind me of how beautifully special stand up comedy can be. While I was able to have a lot of laughs and a few times to pause and think, this special didn’t reach the potential it had by failing to be creative. The most important thing to a stand up comedy special is whether or not it is funny. Hannibal’s jokes in this special are extremely funny. The first bit Hannibal does is reveal the glasses he’s wearing are fake because he got Lasik surgery, prompting him to throw his glasses into the audience and then doing so again with a second pair of glasses he has stashed in his pocket. This is perhaps Hannibal’s best bit of the show because it’s unexpected and plays on the audience’s expectations. It also leads to him to a funny rant about the benefits of having good eyesight. Ranting is what Hannibal does best in this special. He somehow turns a situation where somebody was watching Wipeout on a plane into not caring about his fly being down, he tells a story where he complains about about how terrible at acting babies are and finally explains how one joke he told caused the downfall of Bill Cosby. What makes these so funny is the l... ... middle of paper ... ... lack of cinematography shines through and really exposes the flaws of this special. Honestly, I feel bad for Hannibal because this special exclusively relies on him to carry it with his funny material. The poor planning and laziness that was put into building this special really shows and makes it feel rushed and incomplete. Had a little more thought and risk taking gone into the cinematography and staging of this special, the result would have been completely different. Hannibal has great material, maybe some of his best yet, but the decision-making on everything else is uncreative at best. I will still stay true as a fan because of the potential Hannibal has himself, but to be great you need to surround yourself with greatness. When the credits rolled I didn’t find myself feeling inspired or hurting from laughter, I found myself thinking about how I could’ve been.

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