The Movie ' Great Teacher Onizuka ' Essay

The Movie ' Great Teacher Onizuka ' Essay

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The movie “Great Teacher Onizuka” tells a story of a bike gang leader who wanted to become a teacher. Once the gang has disbanded, he worked as a part timer in a high school garden, then he meets the director of the school who was really in disguise as a lunch lady, and he talked to her how the school is boring because no one is having fun and how teacher are just scolding their student if they don 't follow instruction. Instead of yelling at the student, the teacher should help the student individually becoming successful. During the same time, their was a group of expelled student who came to the school and cause havoc in the cafeteria. The vice president of the school, who got them expelled, start yelling at them and telling them how they are worthless and trash. Onizuka responded by grabbing the vice principle and do a german suplex. Later down the road, he end up being a teacher of that school and he is now a homeroom teacher of a delinquent kid. Throughout the semester of the school Onizuki was challenged with moral values and patient with his students. They played cruel pran...

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