The Movie ' Fury ' By Brad Pitt Essay examples

The Movie ' Fury ' By Brad Pitt Essay examples

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“Fury”, a noun perfectly describing the Sherman tank marching on Nazi soil. World War II was the battle between war machines for global power. Advance technology produced tanks capable of several hundred horsepower and tremendous firepower. Many notorious tanks were present on the battlefield during this time. The movie, “Fury”, featuring Brad Pitt is a fictional story of tank crew fighting in Nazi Germany. ”Fury” is a fantastic movie, but is it historically accurate. The movie stayed true to its historical background in many categories. These several aspects are the reality of an American tank soldier, the design of the tank, and the reality of the war.
First, the movie brought the real Sherman tank to life by incorporating its realistic design. The Sherman tank was one of the American tanks utilized during World War II. It was known for its thin armor and mobility. It was an inexpensive tank which was produced in abundances. The tank had a 75-millimeter gun, two machine guns, and a turret. One can see that the tank prop used in the movie replicates the actual tank itself as the fi...

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