Essay about The Movie Frozen, Princess Anna Of Arendelle

Essay about The Movie Frozen, Princess Anna Of Arendelle

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Throughout the movie Frozen, Princess Anna of Arendelle continuously seeks intimacy with other people, starting when her older sister, Elsa, began to isolate from Anna in order to protect Anna from Elsa’s dangerous ice abilities. First, when Anna was young, she repeatedly pestered Elsa to come out of her room to play with Anna. After years of rejection, Anna stopped trying to convince Elsa to come out of Elsa’s room until her parents die in a deadly storm on the sea. Even to that extreme, Elsa would not come out of her room. Then, on Elsa’s coronation day, Anna begins to sing about how she will experience many things for the first time, like falling in love. Late in the day of Elsa’s coronation, Anna becomes engaged to Prince Hans of the Southern Isles, whom she met that day. Another instance is when Anna tries to find her sister after Elsa reveals her special ice powers to the entire kingdom. Anna runs into Kristoff, an ice harvester, and together they find Elsa. Eventually at the end of the film, Anna has fallen in love with Kristoff, after knowing him for only two days, and breaks off the engagement with Prince Hans (Buck).
However, why is it that Princess Anna sought romantic love in Prince Hans and Kristoff so easily? One major reason is that Princess Anna of Arendelle sought romantic love from Prince Hans and Kristoff in order to leave her childhood in the past.
For Princess Anna, it might have been very important to become an adult faster to be taken more seriously. Since Elsa barely paid any attention a to Anna, Anna might have thought that to get more of Elsa’s consideration, she had to be more mature and give up her childish ways. Anna may have thought that Anna was just a strange child. For Elsa to see Anna as a mat...

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...would be like to meet her “true love” at first sight. The only reasonable way Princess Anna, and many other young girls, could have expectations of love is through fictional stories.
Also, since Princess Anna was a teenager throughout the majority of the film, she can be associated with many of the stigmas that teens carry with them until adulthood. For example, many people say that teens act carelessly because their brains are not fully developed yet. However, in some newly discovered cases, teens could act careless because their brains are too mature (Cloud). In Princess Anna’s case, she makes rushed decisions, like falling in love with two people in the course of three days, because her brain matured to quickly. Even when Princess Anna was younger, she played by herself without fear of hurting herself, which supports the case of her brain developing too quickly.

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