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Existentialism, as defined by Luke Mastin, “ a philosophy that emphasizes individual existence, freedom and choice.”(2008). There are multiple occasions in which an individual can encounter an existentialist situation without acknowledging it. For example, choosing to go to school one day or not would be considered freedom of choice, which connects with the philosophy of existentialism. In the context of existentialism, Søren Kierkegaard’s theory correlates to the movie, Before I Fall directed and adapted by Ry Russo-Young from the novel written by Lauren Oliver, due to the many movie scenes that involve an existentialist moment as exemplified through the main character in relation to Kierkegaard.
Before I Fall is a fictitious movie targeted to a young adult audience, about a teenage girl named Samantha who gets in a car accident after she and her friends leave a house party, in which they all die. Samantha must relive each day until her day comes to a final end. She wakes up each morning planning what she can do to change the outcome of her day so she and her friends, for the most part, can prevent getting in a crash or dying in general. Samantha has until 12:40AM to make things right or she will go straight to sleep and wake up the in the same situation she always goes through in the morning. Throughout the movie, Samantha is determined to change any aspect of her day that may prevent in an accidental death end of a friend or innocent bystander. With each day that she relives the consequences are always different and may help her or dig a bigger hole. She is the only one who knows that she is reliving the day over and over again, all of the other characters are oblivious about what exactly is going on. In order to make sure...

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...e decisions. Kierkegaard's philosophy is relevant to the movie and real life because an individual’s life will always center around choices. No matter how irrelevant or important your decision is, it will still impact the rest of your day and sometimes, the rest of your life. Such as in one scene, Samantha and her friends had chosen not to go to the party and just have a sleepover instead; even by minding her business, Samantha and her friends receive a message announcing that Juliet, another character, had committed suicide. Her choice of staying home with her friends and having a sleepover still ended up with someone dying in the end. Here, the regretful aspect of Kierkegaard’s philosophy is heavily implied in this scene. As he stated, the resolution to making mistakes in life is to just laugh it off. In this case laughing it off is starting a new day for Samantha.

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