Essay about The Movie ' Endless Love '

Essay about The Movie ' Endless Love '

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The film Endless Love is about the struggle of a first love, the story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair. The film is a romance and drama theme, which was written in 2013. These characters are out rightly different, they are both classmates who have just graduated from high school. David, who is a smart and sensitive grease-monkey who works in his dad’s auto shop has no plans to go to college, but has an incredible ACT score. Jade, a sheltered rich girl who needs to realize what life has to offer her. David lights her fire that she lost in mourning after the death of her brother. Her brother dying of cancer distracted her from her high school life. Although Jade’s dad is 100% against these two being together, it makes these two love struck teens more determined to prove to him that they crave each other. Desire is an excellent way to describe David’s passion and overwhelming want for Jade.
Following their high-school graduation, Jade is hosting an end of high school celebration. At the party, David arrives and notices none of their classmates have shown up. He explains to Jade there is another party going on. He calls the police and effectively shuts it down. Soon after, everyone begins to arrive and has an outstanding night. Near the end, Jade’s father makes a toast. However, she is nowhere to be found. She quietly comes out of the closet, followed by David. Her father is annoyed, but continues with the speech. He thanks everyone for coming and ends the speech by asking them all to leave. David apologizes to Jade 's father. He knows he 's made a bad first impression, but makes it clear that he cares for Jade very much.
Furthermore, Jade explains to David about a summer medica...

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...shes to make her happy. Desire is not a synonym for love, but one can simply desire to be in love. When David says “ I don 't care how much time we have, I want to enjoy it to the fullest with you” This action displays the desire he has to be with her even if it 's only for a few more days, proving his affection for her. David describes ‘her enchanting eyes were igniting his desire to belong solely to her.”
Ultimately, the desire David has for Jade is never ending. Even through the tenacious moments, David proves to both her and her father that he wishes to be with Jade. Desire means to long for, a wish, crave, a request, to ask for, or a sexual appetite; David illustrates all these different actions throughout the moments spent with Jade. Wanting something so bad that one has to have it? Desire is a perfect example to describe David’s passion for his beloved Jade.

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