The Movie Divergent Directed By Neil Burger And The Novel 1984 Written By George Orwell

The Movie Divergent Directed By Neil Burger And The Novel 1984 Written By George Orwell

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Control is worth wanting. It gives one a sense of superiority over another person. But is the use of fear a reasonable way of obtaining control. The movie Divergent directed by Neil Burger and the novel 1984 written by George Orwell, both depict the extreme persecution methods used by totalitarian governments to control their citizens. The use of brute force and psychological torture on its citizens, helps the governments to stay in power. The fear of losing their lives in constantly on the minds of the people who live under the control of these oppressive governments. Immorality is out of the question, the governments do what is necessary for power. Anyone who wanders away from the path the government has chosen for them is subject to dangerous persecution. These persecution methods are also used by governments around the world.
The use of brute force is prevalent in every aspect of a totalitarian government’s control, as shown in Divergent and 1984. In the film Divergent, Jeanine Mathews uses an army of Dauntless soldiers to kill off the Divergents. By using brute force Jeanine Mathews is able to eliminate any chance of upheaval. The Divergents represent a sign of hope for the people who don’t believe in the governments rule. By killing off all hope, Janine Mathews reigns supreme. No one dares to challenge her, because they will be killed. Therefore she can rule with an iron fist and not be worried about a backlash from the citizens.
On the other hand in the novel 1984, towards the end of the book Winston is tortured by O’Brien in a room. There is a switch with which O’Brien can adjust the pain being applied on Winston. If Winston doesn’t accept what the party has to say, he is severely tortured. By doing this Big Bro...

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... By destroying those who are incontrollable the citizens, the government eliminate all hope for an escape for the other citizens from the totalitarian regime. The citizens see others been killed off or being psychologically tortured and they lose all hope for a rebellion. Therefore the government always stays in control of their citizens.

Citizens who live in totalitarian governments are pressured by their government to follow a certain ideology. If the citizens disagree with the government’s belief, the government either kills them or turns them in to another person entirely. By using these unlawful techniques, the government reigns supreme. Even in our own world there are countries that choose to keep their citizens under constant scrutiny and punish them in unlawful ways. If there is hope that governments finds a ways to destroy and keep its citizens in check.

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