Essay on The Movie Crash, By Paul Haggis

Essay on The Movie Crash, By Paul Haggis

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One of the many abilities of humans is their ability to change. Some people may not be as receptive to change as others, but there are events that can change people. In the movie Crash, written and directed by Paul Haggis, Jean Cabot is one of those people. Played by Sandra Bullock, Jean Cabot is the wife to a corrupt district attorney. Cabot changes from being fearful and adamant of people of other races to being more accepting of them due to events that she experiences throughout the movie.
Cabot is an affluent white women in her late thirties to early forties. Her affluence is most visible by her house, and the car she and her husband owns. Their house is a large house, opulently decorated with statues. It is clearly an expensive house by the size and decor, and the location of the house, which appears to be on a hill a short distance from the city. Their car is a Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln is the luxury arm of Ford, but while it is not as prestigious as a luxury German car, it is still not inexpensive. The Navigator, in 2004, retailed for over $50,000. Today, the Navigator star...

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