Essay about The Movie ' Cinderella '

Essay about The Movie ' Cinderella '

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Many pieces of literature give different perspectives and change over time. Some may incorporate the same characters along with the same concept, but some contain opposite perspectives of the stories. Cinderella has two different films that tell the same story but they contain different concepts throughout the films. While the 1950’s version of Cinderella does not reveal Cinderella’s mother, the 2015 film version reveals her mother and makes the step sisters more attractive
In the 1950 film they never revealed her mother. The movie just mentioned that she passed away, but they never revealed her. On the other hand, the 2015 film started the film with Cinderella’s’ childhood along with her mother, and how close they were. At the beginning of the film it shows how mother had a major role in her life even after her death. She lived through her mother words to, “have courage and be kind.” Also, the film included how her mother passed away. On the other hand, both of the films incorporate her father. The difference between these two films are that in the old film her father dies, it does...

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