The Movie ' Brother Bear ' Essay

The Movie ' Brother Bear ' Essay

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Brother Bear
The Disney 2D animation allows viewers to simulate many life lessons. The structure of the movie is well rounded for a variety of all age audience. The movie starts off with a Native American tribe in the Pacific Northwest introduces three brothers: Sitka (voice by D.B. Sweeney) the eldest brother/ peacemaker , Denahi (Jason Raize) the controlling middle brother, and Kenai (Joaquin Phoenix) the free spirited mischievous youngest brother. Part of the Native American tradition is the coming – of – age ceremony. This is when a boy becomes a man and is presented with a totem of the animal he embodies. Sitka’s totem is an eagle that stands for leadership; Denahi’s totem is a wolf which represents wisdom, and Kenai is a bear that represents love. Kenai is unsatisfied with his bear totem “what’s so manly about a stupid bear” (Brother Bear). Kenai is unsatisfied with his totem. Kenai was hoping for a more respectable animal, something in relation to his masculine persona. A totem is a spirit being, an emblem that is chosen from the spirits given to the man. Brother rivalries come into play when Kenai receives his totem. Kenai’s unsatisfied outcome of his totem infuses only when his oldest brother Sitka is killed by a bear. Brother Bear then reaches its climax by turning Kenai into the reincarnated bear. The transformation gives Kenai a whole new perspective towards life. Bear Kenai is informed by the tribe 's wise woman Tanana (Joan Copeland) that he must adventure to where the light touches the earth and come across the eagle spirit of his dead brother Sitka. Kenai forcefully journeys on and eventually he teams up with a young bear cub Koda (Jeremy Suarez). Along the way he learns to appreciate more then what he has in his...

... middle of paper ... to be younger years, back to the times where life was carefree and had little responsibility. Disney films are usually filled with color over whelming setting and characters. I have notified the song track in almost every Disney movie relates extreamly closely to the video its more of an extra explanation but in song version, perhaps to amp up the mood. Every Disney movie seems to have an unexpected ending, not all the time is it just opposite sex happy endings, one of the things to admire about the Disney production. Brother Bears ending was unpredictable.
Brother bear’s morals on life is encouragement to all viewers, it keeps you engaged from the beginning to end. Brother Bear is an all in all heartwarming video; hopefully this review gives off strong encouragement to view this video. If you are intrigued by mythical fairytales this movie is suitable for you.

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