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The Movie ' Beltway Snipers ' Essay example

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23 Days
It was October 2002, most residents of Maryland were beginning to turn there attention towards the upcoming holiday, Halloween as they had for countless years prior. Unbenounce to the citizens of D.C. that this would be a holiday season that they would never forget as the greatest evil imaginable will soon be unleashed upon them for the next 3 and a half weeks. Two serial killers were taking aim at victims as they played out their everyday lives doing things that would not theoretically put them in harm 's way; But, during that time, that month, they became part of history as they fell pray to Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhammed or as they would become known as the "Beltway Snipers".
Born on December 31,1960 and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana due to the death of his mother at the age of 4 years old John Allen Williams was a troubled child. As a young teen Williams join the Louisiana Army National Guard, Williams was a decorated young soldier who showed much promise until the early 1980. It was during this time frame that young Williams began to show signs of a childhood filled with resentment due to the early loss of his mother. Williams was reprimanded on different occasions for such offenses and striking a officer and going awol. It was during his time as a member of the National Guard that Williams would meet his future wife Carol Kaglear. Kaglear and Williams had a son that they named Lindbergh. In 1985, after joining the US Army and converting his life to Islam John Allen "Muhammad" began to take control of life after getting divorced and remarrying Mildred Green while being assigned to a unit in Washington State. Muhammad was a dedicated father and mil...

... middle of paper ... police Specific Instructions On what the snipers were expecting. With emotions at their Peak Comma Hotlines Fielding phone call after phone call With information of sightings After sightings, It Has been documented That the most Important information would come Muhammad and Malvo themselves. In September 2002 In Montgomery Alabama, A liquor store was robbed And A homicide occurred. This information was relayed to a Catholic priest during a phone call From the brash snipers. This information was then turned over to the FBI And the beginning of the end Was nearing for the Beltway snipers. The stupidity or bravado Of the snipers Allowed authorities To revisit this case in which Lee Boyd Malvo Was linked To this particular homicide. As investigators began to dive deep into The past of Lee Boyd Malvo They were able to uncover The Criminal profile John Allen Muhammad.

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