Essay about The Movie ' Avatar '

Essay about The Movie ' Avatar '

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After watching Avatar, I had the same feeling as I saw Star War. The movie "Avatar" is directed by James Cameron, who has directing talent. He was the father of the film series belongs whose name was in cinema productions, such as Terminator, Alien, True Lies, and especially the Titanic. Investment funding for Avatar was estimated 285 million dollars, the biggest cost in the history of world cinema has ever known. "Avatar" is not only worth seeing but also deserve better praises with the most enthusiasm. The film crew tries to spread a crucial message that all living is connected, and those who seek to exploit nature rather than respect it will only destroy themselves.
The script of Avatar was written by James Cameron 14 years ago. However, the American director had patiently waited until 2008 for shooting, and it was the time that the development of technical skills was able to convey his ideas. Through the movie, James Cameron pointed out a stream of powerful themes that were so important to our modern world. The issues that were corporations destroying nature for profit, the lack ...

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