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attention up to the point where she jumps at the chance to marry someone she has just met. She is naïve and lonely, and because of this, she is self-centered and cannot see past people’s actions towards their true intentions. Their relationship is explored through the movie as the agape love that Elsa has for Anna. Her absolute refusal to willingly put Anna into any harm of her own making that is shown constantly throughout the movie. The two struggle to see from the perspective of the other as Elsa must understand Anna’s feelings of rejection, and Anna must understand Elsa’s need to protect her. In the end, however, Elsa learns to be more confident and embrace her powers and to be true to herself. She understands that she must not lose the thing she loves most because of overwhelming fear, while Anna learns that the true cause of someone’s actions cannot be determined by appearances. It is through this that we see exactly how similar both the movies are to each other. Both of the movie’s set of protagonists must overcome communication problems, and see what the others had to say. Instead of assuming things wrongly, they understood the others’ point of view, and the underlying intentions they had for the other – in these cases, love. Both Merida and Anna were unable to cope with the actions of their mother/ sister, and as a result were rash and impetuous. They were both unable to see the true meaning of the actions that their mother/ sister took and as a result, took to acting out on their own. In both instances their actions caused trouble for the other, as Elinor was turned into a bear, and Elsa was forced to leave her kingdom. They both then also took it upon themselves to fix the wrongs that they caused and began to see their ...

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...ida’s father encouraged her to pursue her dreams, Elsa’s father urged her to “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show.” All the while helping to cultivate the deep fear and hate that she had for herself. Therefore, Brave and Frozen’s parental figures share a vast difference in regards to their attitude and treatment of their daughters.
Another difference between the two movies is the relationship between men and women in the movies. While in Brave, the main focus is not on the male characters, who are depicted as wild, hairy, brawny, and brainless. It instead focuses entirely on the development of the two women leads and their relationship. The roles that the males play are small and only further the growth of the females, a contrast to the generic movie models that utilize females as a tool to further a man’s determination. The end result of Brave is not the marriage

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