Essay on Movie Analysis : V For Vendetta Directed By James Mcteigue

Essay on Movie Analysis : V For Vendetta Directed By James Mcteigue

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V for Vendetta directed by James McTeigue is a dramatic, mildly horror filled film. This text exists to remind people about control. This film is made for us as viewers to see the conflicts between the government and it’s people. The intended audience are those linking back to historical references. There are several key morals within the background of the film including is it justifiable that some become collateral damage the pursuit of progress, scientific and medical advancement, the greater good? We see this meaning that is it a good enough reason to kill someone to help the country? This film is about a man named V who wears a Guy Fawkes mask to seek revenge on the government including the high chancellor Adam Sutler. V seeks to blow up parliament to generate hope for his country. “A world that I helped shape” and “Tomorrow a new world will begin… that different people will shape, and this choice belongs to them.”

In the scene where Evey is in a detaining cell on the floor we see many techniques used to draw the viewer’s attention to the film. Firstly McTeigue uses a close up to draw the viewer’s attention to focus on Evey’s facial expression of wide eyed, mouth agape, staring at the wall as if all hope had been drained from her body. This is used to show the viewers that she is horrified about what is going to happen to her. McTeigue then uses script of Evey sobbing to sustain the audience’s attention. This script is used to make the viewers feel the emotions flicking through Evey’s mind. This technique has also been used to show the viewer how miserable she is. This makes us as viewers wonder what it would be like to be Evey. We as an audience see a flash of images flow through our minds wondering what could Evey do? Certa...

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... the audience into thinking that she is being quite rebellious and defiant towards the detainers and that she believes in V and doesn’t want them to stop him from making a difference in this world. This scene shows sacrifice of which Evey is willing to give her life to save V’s. The director continues to sustain our attention by showing cut scenes between Evey holding her arms up in triumph and V holding his arms up in triumph when he escapes Lark Hill. To the audience this is a brilliant link between the scenes and shows the similarities between V and Evey. This makes the viewers realise that maybe V and Evey share something in common.

Overall I think that the director James McTeigue uses cinematic techniques cleverly throughout the film to add to the climax. I think that this scene engages the audience and keeps them wondering what will happen later on in the film.

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