Movie Analysis : The Wizard Of Oz Essay

Movie Analysis : The Wizard Of Oz Essay

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Every single film we watch has a major theme. The text describes theme as, “an idea, plot, or topic of some kind that pervades the plot. It is not so much what happens, but rather what the movie is about, part of the meaning you are expected to take away from the work” (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2014). The theme of The Wizard of Oz is made very clear within the film because it is announced by Dorothy herself; stating, “there’s no place like home” (Langley, Ryerson & Woolf, 1939). I believe this simple phrase is the major theme, viewers were supposed to take away from this fascinating work. No matter where you go or what they have to offer you, there will be no other place you can truly call home, other than that in which you have grown to know as home. Many different techniques and elements from The Wizard of Oz contribute to this production to reveal on of the most meaningful major movie themes of all times.
From the opening scene of The Wizard of Oz the importance of home is made to be very significant. The set design for the opening scene is that of a small country farm house. The family is doing different daily tasks on the farm and everyone, especially Aunt Em is disregarding what Dorothy has to say. This makes her feel awful. The set design is a bit dark and gloomy, and it seems to be in the middle of nowhere. It makes one think; no wonder Dorothy wants to experience new lands. Even the scholarly article, The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West states,
“the MGM movie spells it out at the start in Professor Marvel’s crystal‐ ball analysis of
Dorothy, in which he leads her to realize that her aunt does love her, and the movie
makes the point again (if anything, too obviously), in Dorothy’s realization that “...

... middle of paper ...

... affect the impact of the theme; therefore, I believe it is great as is.
In conclusion, The Wizard of Oz came along following the Great Depression. Salem Press Encyclopedia describes it as, “the perfect fantasy for a nation recovering from the Great Depression” (Lewis, 2016). I believe even then, through the techniques that were used to establish this theme, people in that era were learning at that time, “there’s no place like home” (Langley, Ryerson & Woolf, 1939). Even though home wasn’t really appealing anywhere in America at that time. Still till this day, productions of The Wizard of Oz; originally a book, titled The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, are being revamped and turned into plays and musicals. In December of 2015, a musical known as The Wiz Live was released, with Dorothy still letting viewers know, “there’s no place like home” (Langley, Ryerson & Woolf, 1939).

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