Movie Analysis : ' The Trailer ' Essay example

Movie Analysis : ' The Trailer ' Essay example

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Before viewing this film, I’m not certain what to expect out of it. From the trailer I can say that it is going to be a documentary type of movie, by the way it is filmed and how it is through his point of view. I cannot convey exactly what the whole movie will be like, however I can unquestionably tell that it will be comical. Furthermore, it is going to teach me a great deal about the Indian culture that I don’t know. Forever, I’ve known that their culture has arranged marriages, but I don’t know what it is like or how they go amongst doing it. I do hope that it teaches myself more about that. Over labor day weekend my family and I are going to watch this movie on Netflix.
This film was probably selected because it teaches about the Indian culture and how distinctive it is from America. The dating and relationships in that culture, is what it explains to everyone. This film shows the class how unalike cultures can be, and you forever need to have an open mind. From watching, I learned plenty about their culture. Arranged marriages are a huge part of the Indian culture, which is en...

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