Essay Movie Analysis : The Movie ' The Thing '

Essay Movie Analysis : The Movie ' The Thing '

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The film industry suffers from ups and downs. The industry itself is always making new things happen from older ideas. The remaking of classic films has become a common thing; however, some are remade very poorly. The film industry decided to remake the film “The thing”. The film is a very unique remake because it acts as a prequel to the original film. The original film was made in 1982 and the remake was made in 2011. The original film was a very unique horror film, and so was the remake. These films both share similar stories, as well as the remakes little twist to the original story. The original film is set in an American scientific research film. The remake is set as a prequel and shows what happened in the Norwegian scientific research station. These films, share many things, but only one was praised. Critical analysis is very crucial when comparing these two films. The film industry is making a habit of remaking classic films into below average films. Critical analysis allows critics to explore the repackaging of the film compared to the original, establish psychoanalytic criticism with the film, and explore exactly how the remake updated the original in terms of its story.
The repackaging of the film establishes itself as a prequel. Anybody that is uninformed about the film’s story will never know it is a prequel because of the lack of information in the remake. Katie gives a very brief overview, as well as a comparison between the effects “Once released, the Thing becomes the ultimate parasite. It does not merely infect its victims-it engulfs everything, from their cells to their mannerisms, seeming fully human while remaining utterly alien. The gory special effects are less campy than the original 's, but the hook is t...

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...films. When it comes to films it is important to remember critical approaches. The critical approaches allow for the audience to breakdown both of these films in order to establish a clear understanding. The critical approaches used allow the audience to analyze the repackaging, establish effective psychoanalytic criticism, and explore the remakes update to the story. The process of making a remake is easy for Hollywood because remaking a film is cheaper. Remaking classic films should be something that studios avoid. Critical analysis allows critics to give these films an in depth look. Being original will fail sometimes, but it is better than taking someone else’s work and making it worse. The thing will stand as a classic even though its remake disgraced its name. Classic films should stand alone and never be replicated, but with great films comes horrible remakes.

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