Movie Analysis : ' The Movie ' Crash ' Essay

Movie Analysis : ' The Movie ' Crash ' Essay

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Movie Analysis
Racism, prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination, these are just a few of the topics that the movie Crash touches on. This film was well written and shows an honest depiction of the racial and social tensions that we face every day. However, the film shows us that no matter who you are, we all have some type of stereotype ingrained into us and it is not one group of people that believe in the stereotypes of others.
In the first ten minutes of the film, we see a Persian man trying to buy a gun and the sales clerk, who was white, becoming impatient and refers to the man as “Osama.” This shows that the sale clerk believes that all Middle-Eastern looking people come specifically from Iraq. I was shocked that the clerk even lets Farhad buy a gun. Yes, this was a little stereotypical by having a white male say something raciest to a foreign person. In addition, we see a couple walking down a street and when the female sees two black males, she gets a little closer to her husband. This was showing that some people believe that all black males are violent and going to hurt you. Even though the two black males did pull guns out and stole their car, I believe that if she did not get closer to her husband and Anthony noticing, they might have not gotten robbed. I say this because Anthony was acting like a social warrior and calling out the racial stereotypes that people have about black males. However, Anthony made a point by saying that it is not just white people who believe in stereotypes. When they were talking about the diner, Anthony comments on how their black female waitress never served/asked them for coffee. He says that she did this because she knows that black people do not tip. This goes to show us and...

... middle of paper ... that we are not born with prejudice and stereotypes, it is taught to us. When you think about how it is taught to us you may think it might be the parents, but it could also be the teachers. It is our duty to teach our students that we need to respect everyone, and no matter what skin color they are, we are all the same. This would actually be a great film to show high schoolers and have a discussion on. However, as an elementary school teacher, I believe that this film would be very inappropriate to show children, but if we wanted to talk about stereotypes and prejudice maybe we could find some books that talk about it discreetly. Like I said, we are not born with prejudice and stereotypes, they are learned. We can also teach our students that we do not need to think this way about others. Overall, this was an excellent film with a lot of teachable moments.

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