Movie Analysis : Spy Movie ' Spy ' Essay

Movie Analysis : Spy Movie ' Spy ' Essay

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The movie “Spy” starring Melissa McCarthy is full of action and comedy; I was filled with laughter. It felt good to watch a funny movie after such a hectic work day. My energy level is positive high. In the movie Melissa displayed grittiness to complete her mission as a Spy.
I scored a four on the grit scale survey; which showed a high gritty personality. I used to feel I had the skills; needed to overcome obstacles and continue forward towards my goals. I failed two exams, grammar is horrible in essays, and my job is beyond stressful; with that in mind, I no longer feel gritty. Motivation, perseverance, and ambitions are all out of the window.
My strengths are flourishing. Flourishing is having a psychological well-being in one personal life. I scored a 30 on the assessment, which label my flourish ability as normal. I am on the border line of balancing my personal life from my work life. I work hard to not mix my personal problems with my work life. For example, my significant other and I had a huge debate in the car while driving to work. When I arrived to work, I held the front door, took a deep breath, and reminded myself to let it go. I walked into work with a sense of relief and smiled while walking around greeting all the employees. I flourish through my place of employment by watching my eating, being authentic with my staff, and allowing them to make healthy decisions. A new assistant teacher at my job told me I was extra for allowing her to come out of her classroom to work on her lesson plan for the following week. I smiled and informed her it is a good thing to be extra. Furthermore, the longer she is in the field, the more she would appreciation my extra. An old lead teacher overheard, the conversation and told ...

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...s and react to things that occur in my center. I will meditate as stated in the Happiness advantage before reacting to a situation.
The entire book is important to integrate into my personal and professional life. I will practice each principle over time. I will begin the 20-second rule because it is best to “just put on the shoes”. It is important to complete assignments at work and have a better health in my personal development. My plan to accomplish the 20-second rule is go to the enrollment website and keep it on my screen until I am ready to complete the task. I will add a reminder to my phone for 1:00pm and go to the website to complete the task. In reference to my personal life, I will do as Shawn suggested, I will sleep in my gym clothes, have my shoes by the bed, and all I will have to do is wash my face and brush my teeth before leaving out of the door.

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