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Movie Analysis : Shrek And Shrek Essays

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A fairy tale story can easily establish rhetoric devices in order to enhance its storyline or give some character development. The movie Shrek is about an ogre named Shrek and a donkey named Donkey who is ordered by a prince named Farquaad to rescue a princess named Fiona so he can get his swamp back, but Shrek ends up falling in love with the princess himself (Adamson, Jenson, 2001). The movie Shrek breaks the norms of a typical fairy tales, reversing the role of who would be the hero and who would be the villain. This film adopts rhetoric devices like the four cognitive schemata to construe the perception of the characters towards Shrek, the Social Penetration Theory to show the growing relationships Shrek has with Donkey and Fiona, and verbal communication climate to convey hidden emotions Shrek and Fiona had during the movie.
Shrek utilizes several types of cognitive schemata to better describe the different perceptions of different characters towards Shrek and all ogres throughout the movie. The first scene of Shrek starts off with him in his swamp having fun to an upbeat track (All Star by Smash Mouth), which presents Shrek to be a laidback, peaceful character. After the opening scene, there were a bunch of nearby villagers, who have negative stereotypes about ogres, headed towards Shrek’s swamp to try to drive him away from there (Constructivism). The usage of stereotypes set a theme for the film, to never judge a book by its cover. Once Shrek met Donkey and Fiona, neither one of them assumed that because Shrek was an ogre, it meant he is an evil monster. In addition, everyone else in the movie does not call him Shrek. Everyone calls him “Ogre” instead, further confirming the stereotype. In another scene after Fiona goes i...

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...s storyline, theme, and characters. Certain types of cognitive schemata, such as personal constructs and stereotypes, assisted in conveying the types of perceptions people had towards Shrek throughout the film. The different types of verbal communication helped exposed how different characters felt through what they said and how they said it. The social penetration theory’s stages of self-disclosure served to present the growing relationships of Shrek with Donkey and Fiona. Shrek gave good examples of each communication concept discussed because fairy tale stories are good at laying out who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. Shrek went against the norm and made the princess fall for the beast. The fact that Shrek’s character is on the gentler side and everyone else in the film has negative stereotypes towards ogres helped make the concepts easier to catch on to.

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