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Some films are made for mind-numbing entertainment, some are made to make you cry, and some are made to think, to question, Missrepresentation is one of the later films. The movie makes you question society and even yourself and what you view as the norm in media. I enjoyed the film overall. I believe the message the film was trying to portray was message that needs to be said and heard. Watching the film made me realize how so many things I just accept in the media that harm women and perpetuate rape culture and misogyny. Missrepresentation is a film that made me think and connect its message with what we are learning in class and my own life. Missrepresentation is a film that tells you about how the media, the film industry, and television portray women as sex objects, docile creatures, bimbos, incompetent leaders, the list goes on and on. As media grows in its reach with more and more people getting internet and TVs this problem is growing. The film’s job was to convince you of this problem that media creates in society and in the minds of the boys and girls in it, and it does a good job of it. The film starts off well before it even begins by having Oprah endorse it; everything seems more legitimate with Oprah before it. It continues to have many important and powerful women in it such as, Geena Davis, Margret Cho, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Condoleeza Rice, and Gloria Steinem all speaking up about how the media treated them as women and often objectified them or belittled them. Seeing these strong women, many of whom are people of power and role models speak about how they see people treat them and other women in the media is influential. The film also plays with your emotions. This especially happens for me personally when... ... middle of paper ... ...luts, and whores, they attack them. It was unbearable to watch these women who have worked so hard to become powerful women being torn down for their hair choice for the day. Its also hurts voter’s confidence in women in that “sexist media coverage results in drastic decrease of voter confidence in women candidates” (Larris, Maggio). Sexism is a powerful tool and the media uses that tool all too well to hurt women. The coverage and view of women in the media hurts all ages of women and all types. Whether it is a little girl looking at anorexic movie stars or a possible presidential candidate being told her dress makes her look fat by Fox News, the media hurts. We live in a world where the media has so much far reaching power and slowly people are trying to change the media; they are making change so all little girls growing up one day can be happy to be a woman.

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