Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls With Lindsay Lohan '

Essay about Movie Analysis : ' Mean Girls With Lindsay Lohan '

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In this paper, I will be analyzing the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan, who plays a 16 year old girl name Cady (Pronounced Katy), whose family moved from Africa to Illnois. Cady is entering public school for the first time after being homeschooled most of her life. As Cady is getting familiar with public school, she quickly notice the cruel laws of popularity that will later divide her fellow students into cliques. As Cady is getting familiar with the school, she greeted by a popular and cruel group of girls known as ‘The Plastics’. ‘The Plastics’ take an interest in Cady, inviting her to sit with them at lunch and go shopping with them after school. While hanging out with the plastics, Cady learns about a "Burn Book." This notebook is Regina 's secret notebook filled with vicious rumors, secrets, and gossip about all the other girls (and teachers) in their school. Cady gradually loses her individual personality and remakes herself in the image of Regina. She soon becomes as spiteful as Regina, abandoning her friends Janis and Damien and focusing more on her image. This paper will be analyzing and explaining how Erikson psychosexual theory (adolescence) and I will be applying it to the main character Cady Herron.
Cady Herron is the main character in the movie Mean Girls and is a great example of how adolescence struggle with their identity. Completely unprepared for the typical American teenager life Cady heads into the world of Queen Bees and Wannabees. In the beginning of the movie, Cady seems to be a very innocent person, math elite and an honor roll student but throughout the movie she goes through an identity crisis. For example Cady starts hanging out with the mean girls in her school in which she starts dressing, acting...

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...ards the end of the movie starts to realize how her adapted identity affected those around her and close to her. Cady realized that her changes affected her grades, relationships’ and rapport. Cady identified to who she really was and later reverted back to the humbled honor roll student she was.
In conclusion, Erikson believed our sense of personal identity is shaped by our experiences and interactions with others, and it is this identity that helps guide our actions, beliefs, and behaviors as we grow and develop throughout life. This is the stage during which the adolescent starts developing his personality based on his own actions. As an adult, I have looked how my interactions and experiences as an adolescents’ helped me shaped into who I am today. The movie Mean Girls shows the role adolescents plays in shaping their own behavioral patterns of educational life.

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