Essay about Movie Analysis : Mean Girls

Essay about Movie Analysis : Mean Girls

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Movie Analysis: Mean Girls
The movie that I chose to do my analysis on, is Mean Girls because it is my all-time favorite movie. I watched it a million times, it never gets old and plus I know every single line in the movie. The main character Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, exhibits how to go from being a nerd, popular, hated and rehabilitated all in one school year. It’s hilarious movie about high school but, it also covers many interpersonal concepts that we learned in class like: verbal communication, conflict and relationship dynamics. Before I provide my analysis, I’ll present my brief summary on the movie Mean Girls.
Cady Heron enters her junior year of high school in America, from being home-schooled in Africa her whole life. Cady isn’t familiar to the school environment but quickly makes friends with Janis and Damian, who are classified as the Art Freaks. Cady gets discovered by the Plastics within her first week of school, the Plastics are a group of three, popular girls that everyone wants to be a part of, there’s Karen and Gretchen, and their ring leader is Regina George who accepts Cady into this elite clique. Janis sees this opportunity to get revenge on Regina because she has been bullying Janis since middle school and is mean to everyone in the school, including the teachers. Cady, Janis, and Damian begin to ruin Regina’s life by: making her boyfriend breakup with her because Cady has a crush on him, ruin her body image, and make her friends (the Plastics) turn on her. Cady has to play the role of a Plastic, meaning she has to dress up, become cool and popular. This is far off from who she is because Cady is a math geek. As Cady is taking down Regina, Cady slowly starts to love the popularity she’s gaining and become...

... middle of paper ..., clothes, music, etc. They lack individuality within themselves, in order to feel the sense of belonging. The plastics do share the same interest and activities, but Gretchen and Karen can’t really self-disclose themselves to Regina because they are afraid Regina will either judge them or abandon them. Since Regina took Cady under her wing and basically made her when she finds out that Cady betrayed her by giving her fattening, high-calorie bars to gain weight, making her boyfriend break up with Regina so, she could be with him and making her friends turn on her, all of this caused Regina to exploded with anger and hurt. Cady violated the 10 friendship rules, which are: showing support, seeking support, respect privacy, keep confidences, defend your friends, avoid public criticism, making your friends happy, manage jealousy, share humor, and maintain equality.

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