Essay on Movie Analysis : Making A Murderer

Essay on Movie Analysis : Making A Murderer

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As I was completing this assignment, I was watching the infamous Netflix documentary entitled Making a Murderer. The documentary follows the story of Steven Avery, who is currently in prison for the death of a woman, Teresa Halbach, in 2005. Steven Avery has been denying any involvement in the murder of Teresa Halbach for the past eleven years. In the middle of the reading, the documentary was exploring and analyzing Steven Avery’s deviant behavior as a young man (Making). As I observed what was being discussed about Steven Avery, I was able to build the connection between how society, and the community from which he came from, perceived Steven Avery and what Kai Erikson discussed in the first couple pages of the book with regards to deviance and its relation with regards to society.
First and foremost, it is important to understand the definition of deviance and what makes a person a deviant person. Before the reading, if someone had asked me to define deviance or what a deviant person is, I would have simply said something or someone that does not conform to what society perceives as “normal”. Yet, the concept of deviance is more than just a broad definition. The book states that deviance “refers to the conduct which the people of a group consider so dangerous or embarrassing or irritating that they have to bring special sanctions to bear against who exhibit it” (Erikson 6). However, that is simply a general definition because the principles that determine what makes a person a deviant person varies from culture to culture due to various crucial factors such as traditions, norms, culture and other critical components of a particular society (Erikson 9). As Erikson mentions “behavior which qualifies one man for prison may qualify...

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...havior represents the individual (Erikson 7). What I found interesting was how the community does not necessarily label a deviants person based on the deviant act they expressed, but rather on additional factors such as their social class, whether they express any remorse and other considerations (Erikson 7).
Lastly, Erikson discusses how in any type of community, there are boundaries which helps it maintain together. These boundaries establish a limited amount of activity, which a community has the ability to control, and as a result “members tend to confine themselves…and to regard any conduct which drifts off the radius as somehow inappropriate or immoral” (Erikson 10). Therefore, as stated before, a community will act upon any deviant behavior which goes outside these boundaries “making a statement about the nature and placement of its boundaries” (Erikson 11).

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