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Movie Analysis : Like Stars On Earth Essays

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The education system in India is based on forced learning that kills student’s spirit and zest of learning. In the film “Like Stars on Earth,” we look specifically at the draw backed role played by parents and teacher in Indian education system. We follow the story of a dyslexic Indian boy, Ishaan, who always had trouble coping with his studies, but in the end with the help of an understanding teacher he is able to study normally and catch up with his peers. We will analyze this film using the concepts from Practices of Looking to explain our thesis. Eddie will cover the concepts of encoding and the ideology surrounding Indian education; Kiranjot Singh will explain the concepts of punctum, negotiated reading and producer’s intended meaning; Harjeet Gill will go into details with the concepts of viewers makes meaning and myth. Our working thesis is the film “Like Stars on Earth” clearly portrays the fault of rote learning in India’s education system, especially during primary level education.
Encoding is one of the concepts we use to analyze this film. The aesthetics, music and setting are wisely chosen by the producers when making this film. This film is taken within the beautiful urban scenery of Mumbai, India and the music are chosen carefully to convey a certain message in certain scenes (will be explained further on Singh’s part). Besides that, the producers also cleverly use visual effects and animation to give an abstract view of what the characters are feeling or thinking. Most of the scenes in this film are taken in broad daylight to show off the beautiful scenery and to produce a more cheerful atmosphere. In Practices of Looking, Struken and Cartwright explain ideology as “system of belief that exist w...

... middle of paper ... the movie when the robotic music is played to touch people’s emotions. Mr. Singh will talk about our negotiated reading approach towards the movie, especially about the need of a special teacher for a weak student in India. Also, the twilight filmed sad song “ma” (mother) is created by producer’s demand to link the movie to producer’s intended meaning. demand that links the movie to producer’s intended meaning concept. Furthermore, the setting like the dark locations, a boarding school close to hills and river and the background music, for example on tense or sad situations with guitar music , the recurring theme music representing Ishaan ‘s peaceful character, use of music that starts with a slow flow then becomes loud create a sad emotional drama. These settings seem touching citizen’s sad emotions and seek them to think according to producer’s intended meaning.

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